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The FINFAR Seminar

The Finnish Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research organizes an annual meeting for researchers, the FINFAR seminar, with varying themes. The seminar is usually organized in connection with the Finncon, which takes place during summertime.

A Call for Papers is sent out usually in January, asking for an abstract of the paper to be presented, either in Finnish, Swedish or English. The accepted papers must normally be sent a few weeks before the seminar. A paper may aim for example for a study essay, an article, a graduate thesis or (part of) a dissertation. The teachers come from several Finnish Universities, and each paper will be commented by the other participants, the teachers, and often also by the Finncon Guests of Honour.

The FINFAR seminar has been functioning regularly since the year 2000, and it has become the main research event on the field of science fiction and fantasy research in Finland.