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Welcome to Finfar seminar ‒ Fantastic Paper Workshop in Turku, July 12 & 13 2018!

The Finfar seminar ‒ Fantastic Paper Workshop is a closed feedback session for written research papers. You are welcome to participate, whatever your level of study or scholarly experience is. In the previous fourteen years, we have had participants in e.g. Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and Post Doc level. Whatever is closest to your current level, we have a lively discussion in store for you! The Finfar seminar also suits perfectly as your first research seminar outside your Alma mater.

The papers are read by all participants beforehand, and the workshop is dedicated to discussion. Each individual paper will receive 30 minutes of time and will have two professional scholars on science fiction and fantasy acting as vanguard commentators. After our vanguard commentators, the discussion on each paper will be opened.

Due to the participatory nature of the workshop and limitations on time and space, the workshop is open only for the participants and designated commentators.

Please submit your final paper for the seminar to Jyrki Korpua (jyrki.korpua(at) no later than June 3rd, 2018. The final paper should be approximately 10,000–15,000 characters in length and submitted on .rtf, .doc or .odt format. You can submit a paper either in English or in Finnish.

Papers delivered in the Fantastic Paper Workshop will have a later opportunity to be submitted as an article manuscript to Fafnir - Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research. More information on the subject will be given during the seminar. For more information on Fafnir, visit

Please also note that at 14th and 15th July there will be Finncon 2018 held at the University of Turku. Finfar society is also hosting the Academic track at the event. Further information about Finncon at


If you have any further questions about the workshop, please contact Jyrki Korpua (jyrki.korpua(at) For further information on Finfar-society, visit